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Stock Market Position Sizing Software for all Share Traders...

Remove EMOTION & GUESSWORK from your Trading decisions today! FREE TrialTrading Money Management Software 14 day Trial Money Management 14 day Trial Share Trading Software 
Integrates with
MetaStock®format data BUT
MetaStock®Charting Software NOT required.

"I've been trading for many years and started using your software early last year (2008) and I am really impressed with it.  I really appreciate the way it works - simple but very effective. I'm happy to recommend your program to all seasoned share trading professionals and beginners."
J. Carter (Western Australia)

 List of Program features:Buy 1 Get One FREE offer
- Position Sizing or how many shares to trade, done automatically
- Stop Placement calculated automatically - Stop Loss and Trailing Stop exit price
- Integrates with your updated MetaStock data service daily
- Share Trading Diary/Journal for each trade
- Long and Short Trades allowed for with independent performance reporting
- Technical Stop entry is available in place of the automatic Trailing / Profit Stop
- Maximum % Risk per Trade correctly takes into account brokerage charges
- Limits over trading by optimizing your Trading Capital and timing
- Multiple portfolios, Currency entry & Exchanges
- Pivot Points automatically calculated and updated daily, for short term analysis and trend bias
- Portfolio/Trade Performance - Average $Win and $Loss updated daily
- Portfolio/Trade %Win and %Loss Ratio updated daily
- Easily view all your Open and/or print Closed Trades/PositionsMoney Risk Management Share Trading Software
- Show Cumulative Profit/Loss and Available
- Average Trading period for each Portfolio and trading days of each trade
- Average $Rate of Return - Trade Expectancy
- Total Brokerage charges for all closed trades
- Stock Split adjustment process, very simple when required 
Compare Portfolio Performance against any Index or security, easily

Now included with kind permission from The Van Tharp Institute (IITM)
- System Quality Number (SM) automatically calculated (how good is your system - Van Tharp)
- R Multiple with Variance - reward to risk ratio automatically calculated for each closed trade
- R Expectancy - ratio automatically calculated with Standard Deviation



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JBL RM User Manual included with trial or simply download from link above.

"Control your losses and your Profits will come!" Watch Money Risk Management below.


Components of a successful Share Trading Plan 
Money Management tells you how many shares to trade and vital for share trading success. It's a defensive concept that keeps you in the game to play another day. Don’t confuse Money Management with Stop Placement. Stop placement does not answer the question, how much? Risk Management may also be the difference between success and failure when trading shares. It refers to Stop Placement to minimise any losses and protect your profits. Your Maximum%Risk per Trade should NEVER be more than 2% of your Core Trading Capital. Your recommended Initial Stop Loss price is calculated and displayed automatically before each trade. The maximum Trade Size of each trade should never be more than 20% (or 19%) of Core Trading Capital and our Position Sizing - Money Management program calculates this for you by optimizing your Capital, minimizing your risk and monitoring your performance.

JBL Risk Manager - Screen shots - Click on each image to enlarge.

Trading Summary Page Money Management Software   Long Trade Money Management Software   Short Trade Money Management Software   

Click on the video links below to discover more!
Money-Management Software Quick Introduction
 - 1' 52"

Money-Management Software Short Visual Tour - 8' 49"

Money-Management Software - Some Trading Examples - 4' 14"

Money-Management Software and Trade Expectency - 7' 0"

Money-Management Software and ATR Explained - 10' 40"

Money-Management Software with Power Pivot Points - 5' 37" (very popular tool for day traders also)


Position Sizing Software experience

Lee and I just had to write and say that we have been using your JBL Risk Manager software for several months now and we are delighted with its ease of use and the powerful simplicity it delivers into our hands when we consider keeping or selling shares. We have now grown well away from our beginnings of wondering how much to invest, buying shares and wondering when to take a profit or hanging onto them as they lost value and hoping they would "come good" again. Your Risk Manager program has protected profits for us and has signalled the time to quit an unprofitable situation. Our involvement in the share market is now business like and successful. Congratulations on translating your skill & knowledge into such an effective yet simple program.
B.Counsel (Vic)

In my humble opinion, I feel that all investors in the market should be utilising this very easy to use product. It has simplified my investing regime and resulted in reducing the time I spend involved in my wealth creation strategies. It doesn't matter if you're a full time investor or small player in the markets, this product, JBL Risk Manager is an invaluable tool and a must have for all. I would buy it at double the price. I cannot commend it highly enough. It has my strongest endorsement.
E. Purvis (WA)

Overall it’s a winner Joseph! For someone who appreciates the importance of capital and risk management, position sizing and win/loss ratios, expectancy etc, this application is a must.
P. Skalak (NSW)

Congratulation for creating such beautiful software for risk management. I have used many advanced money management software but none comes as near as JBL Risk Manager in terms of user friendliness and features that are compressed in such small software.
Vishal M. (Mumbai, India)


Our fund is currently quite substantial, with the shares/free cash proportion constantly changing. Until now I have developed a reasonably complex spreadsheet to manage the trades and to assess and record all the transactions, success rate etc, however, it pales into insignificance compared to your software.
Dr. Julian B (WA)

Position Sizing Software for Trading Shares - download Click 4 FREE Trial Here!  Trading Money Management Software 14 day Trial Money Management 14 day Trial Share Trading Software

 Please download trial (fully functional) and then quote Trial Registration No. when ordering.

Fully tested by TopShareware Labs. It does not contain any kind of malware, adware and viruses.100% CLEAN Certified by Softpedia Certified Safe Software   Highly Awarded Software

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Stock Trading Money Management Software 4 Trading SharesClick Here to Trial MetaStock® data - ASX, SGX and US Stocks


JBL Risk Manager will best optimize your available trading capital correctly and control any losses to your set maximum risk (2% of Trading Capital Rule) by suggesting an Initial Stop Loss (if hit will make sure you do not lose more than your maximum risk, including brokerage) and then when trade is in profit calculates your Trailing/Profit Stop.


You may wish to raise the recommended Initial Stop Loss BUT doing so may get you stopped out early due to whipsaws, volatility and/or Stop Gunning  

Some may wish to lower the recommended stop loss thus exposing the trade to more risk and a larger loss. The decision is yours.


We encourage you to download the FREE fully functional 14 day trial and evaluate it for yourself. When  ready to order, simply enter the unique Trial Registration No. into box above, click on "ORDER" button and promptly be sent instructions on how to unlock the trial version. Stress FREE share trading using correct Position Sizing Money Risk Management principles.




 "Never risk more than 1% of your total equity in any one trade. By risking 1%, I am indifferent to any individual trade. Keeping your risk small and constant is critical." Larry Hite

"Failure to prepare is preparing to fail."  John Wooden

"The good traders are the ones who can hold their ground the majority of the month and participate in that small handful of trades that are windfalls. The real skill is in not LOSING money!"  Linda Bradford Raschke


"Your worst-case exit, which is designed to preserve your capital, should be determined ahead of time."

Van K Tharp


"Remember that good trading is all about managing risk. If you are entering a position without knowing where you are getting out when you're wrong, then you're sunk before you begin."

Chairman MaoXian